Wish List

We have a growing wish list of items needed for animal care and enrichment, facility maintenance, and construction. Please check your house/garage/barn to see if there are any items in good condition from our wish list you’re willing to spare. Drop-offs can be made during daytime hours at 8079 Salem Road, Lewisburg, OH 45338. Call 937-416-5520 for large drop-offs or to request for pickup. Don’t forget to keep track of your donated items as they are tax deductible! Thank you!

From Around the House:
Washcloths and towels
New and gently used sheets and blankets
Unwanted tools
Shoeboxes or similar size
Trash bags
Animal carriers (all sizes)
Dog kennels (all sizes)
Fresh fruit/vegetables
Large bird toys
Chainlink fence
extension cords

Cleaning Supplies:
Trash bags
Rubbermaid trash cans
Disposable gloves
Swiffer refills
Laundry detergent
Dish soap
Antibacterial wipes
Paper towels
Working refrigerators
Working freezers
Printer paper
Tupperware containers
Fake plants
Chicken coops

Building & Maintenance Supplies:
Power washer
Paint sprayer
Zip Ties
Lumber (all types)
Metal shelves
Table saw
Circular Saw
Nail gun
Staple gun
Nails and screws
Bags of quikrete or concrete
Brick pavers
Fence posts
Fence panels
Stepping Stones
Metal Fencing

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