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Wild About Wildlife

Audiences under 40 people
  • 5-6 Live Animals
  • 50-minute program
  • Many are touchable!
  • Interactive Booth available
  • Great for all ages
  • Animal Coloring Sheets
  • Add $50/hr for Weekend Programs Booked May-October 2019

Assembly Program

Audiences over 40 people
  • 5-7 Live Animals
  • Large school or library groups
  • 60-minute program
  • Great for all ages!
  • Touching not available
  • Discount for multiple programs
  • Add $50/hr for Weekend Programs Booked May-October 2019

Wildlife Conservation is at the HEART of all our programs!
For our presentations, we bring each animal out one at a time so you can see them up-close and hear amazing and fun facts about them.
For our smaller groups of 40 or less, our audience will have the opportunity to touch some of the animals and/or animal artifacts.

Our Interactive Wildlife Booth programs are designed to allow the audience to approach us,
touch and learn about the animals while staff members bring out a few animals at a time. 
Our animals include majestic raptors, tropical birds, scaly reptiles, farm animals, furry mammals and fascinating bugs!
A travel fee may apply for programs more than 30 miles from our center. 

Interactive & Educational

Our programs are great for a variety of settings, including libraries, nursing homes, daycare centers, schools, civic groups, community centers, scout groups and more!

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Personal & Engaging

We strive to ensure your children have a fun and engaging time while they learn about animals from all over the world!

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