Local Veterinarian, Dr. Chelsea Staab, Embarks on a Mission to Save Cheetah Cubs in Somaliland

Lewisburg, Ohio – 12-18-2023

Dr. Chelsea Staab, Vice President of the board at Wild Hearts African Farm and veterinarian at the Humane Society of Greater Dayton, has undertaken a courageous journey to Somaliland in the Horn of Africa to provide crucial medical care to orphaned cheetah cubs at the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) center.

The CCF center, located in a remote area of Somaliland, is home to over 90 cheetah orphans that were rescued from the clutches of the illegal wildlife pet trade. The cubs had been trapped by poachers all across Africa, then trafficked through to Somaliland to be illegally exported as luxury pets across the Arabian Peninsula and beyond. The cubs being taken from their mothers so young leaves them malnourished, injured and frail, requiring serious medical care. This also deprives them of the ability to learn to hunt and be a wild cheetah. When the cubs are intercepted by authorities, they are then taken to CCF care. Dr. Staab’s passion for cheetahs has driven her to extend her expertise beyond local boundaries, aiming to make a significant impact not only on the lives of these majestic creatures but also on the overall stability of the developing country.

“Volunteering at the CCF center is not just about treating cheetahs; it’s about contributing to community based conservation and combating the illegal wildlife pet trade,” says Dr. Chelsea Staab. “By providing medical care and essential supplies, we hope to secure a better future for these cheetahs and support the conservation efforts in this region.” CCF is working with the government to create a protected national park to release the cubs.

Dr. Staab’s commitment to wildlife preservation extends beyond her duties in Lewisburg and Dayton. As a seasoned veterinarian, her skills and dedication are invaluable in tackling the challenges faced at the CCF center. The initiative aligns with her long-standing advocacy for animal welfare and her role as a key figure at Wild Hearts African Farm. Dr. Staab also treats the beloved animals at the Boonshoft Museum’s Discovery Zoo. 

The community of Lewisburg rallies behind Dr. Chelsea Staab as she embarks on this noble mission, symbolizing the spirit of global collaboration in safeguarding endangered species. The outreach not only showcases the compassion within our local community but also highlights the interconnectedness of efforts to protect wildlife worldwide.

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Caption: Dr. Chelsea volunteers at the Cheetah Conservation Fund’s cheetah rescue center in Somaliland and provides veterinary care to the cubs that were rescued from the illegal wildlife pet trade. #CCF #Savethecheetah 


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